Listen to Luther, Melancthon, and Chemnitz on your mp3 player for free!

JohnSteadfastMediaOn my way to the 2013 BJS Conference I had some time to listen to stuff on my cheap mp3 player while I sat in the airport and flew on the planes.  So since I was working on catechizing my youth on the glorious gift of baptism I was listening to the Large Catechism.  This was possible through a free download at Librivox of the Book of Concord.  I had been informed of this because the pastor who did this great work was from my own Wyoming District, Pr. Jonathan Lange.  Pr. Lange has done the Church a great service by reading and recording these texts for us to listen to.  He has also done a number of other great Lutheran works.

Click here for the Book of Concord.

For all of the works done by Pr. Lange, click here.  (includes Luther’s Bondage of the Will and Galatians Commentary)

So the next time you load up your mp3 player, along with those great podcasts from Issues Etc., Table Talk Radio, Fighting for the Faith, you may want to take something a little older and yet still relevant, the Book of Concord.

When I asked if I could promote this stuff by Pr. Lange, he also let me know that a number of Luther’s sermons can also be found in audio format.  Click here to listen to some Luther sermons.


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