It’s Nice to be Loved by a Poor Miserable Sinner, by Pr. Rossow

Over on Norm’s Good Stuff Found post on the cable television Bible series there is a nice comment left by “Poor Miserable Sinner” in which he/she thanks BJS and Issues, Etc. for excellent catechesis. It’s good to be loved by poor miserable sinners. Here is the quote:

The Bible series is just another example of false teaching and the importance of knowing how to discern these things is crucial. Unfortunately, many will be led astray by this program. But how does one learn discernment? Proper teaching in the churches!

There is such a great need for accurate Biblical teaching. Thank goodness there is plenty good teaching to be found in the LCMS! It’s pretty difficult to sift through the nonsense out there.

I’m one of those who end up confused or not really fully understanding when I take the Bible out to read it–and therefore, I don’t. I really don’t want to be left to my own devices when it comes to the Bible. Not sure if anyone else feels this way.

Therefore, I find that I rely mostly on resources such as this site. I have learned so much from the articles and sermons that are posted. The Pastor’s Round Table discussions and the Sunday School lessons every week on Issues Etc. are extremely valuable as well. It doesn’t limit a person to only learning on Sundays anymore or at a weekly Bible class as it’s right there, on demand. I’m “hearing” the Word of God in my home now on a daily basis and it’s wonderful.
And once you start learning, it’s pretty exciting and you just want to learn more.

PMS – Thanks for the props. Keep up the study and you should get to a point where you will be comfortable opening the Bible and reading on your own. I would recommend buying the Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia Publishing House. The study notes and introductions to each book of the Bible will give you a lot of confidence.

Between CPH, Issues, and BJS you have your publishing, talk and blogging needs pretty well met!

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