A Statement of Unity and Pastoral Letters on the Newtown Tragedy (posted by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

[“A Statement of Unity” and “Pastoral Letters on the Newtown Tragedy” today have been issued by Pastor Rob Morris, District President Timothy Yeadon, and Synod President Matthew Harrison. I will post below, in full, “A Statement of Unity.” To read the pastoral letters from President Harrison and President Yeadon, follow the link. A statement from Pastor Morris and his congregation is linked also. I encourage everyone to read all of these statements in full. And I rejoice over, and give thanks to God for, the peaceful resolution that these fine men have brought to this matter. CH]

A Statement of Unity

By the grace of God, we have worked through a very challenging situation. It has been our deepest mutual concern in dealing with one another to be faithful to Christ, our respective vocations, and to each other as brothers. Our dealings have been marked throughout with patience, kindness, and love. We implore the church to do likewise.

We have mutually forgiven each other where we have fallen short.

We are reconciled.

We are at peace.

Rob Morris, Pastor, Christ the King, Newtown

Timothy Yeadon, District President, New England District

Matthew C. Harrison, President, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Pastoral Letter and Apology from President Harrison

Pastoral Letter from District President Tim Yeadon

Congregational Statement from Pastor Rob Morris and the Congregation of Christ the King

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