They are Coming from the Four Corners of the Country to the BJS Conference, by Pr. Rossow

As usual, we have people from far and wide coming to the BJS conference. Registrants currently touch all four borders of the country, north, south east and west. we’ve got people coming from the state of Washington, Connecticut, Texas and Wisconsin.

Go on line and register for this great two days of feasting on the Word made flesh. the Word preached and taught, all the protein and fat you could imagine, wine, scotch, beer and stogies. (I’m not sure you actually feast on stogies but you get the point.)

Rev. James May is going to tell us about his great work of making Lutherans in Africa. Pastor Wolfmueller will be telling us the story of how God made a Lutheran out of him using the raw material of an Evangelical. (That may be a greater miracle than creation ex nihilo.) And Pastor Fisk is going to be telling us about all the exciting new stuff that BJS is going to be doing to use new media to make Lutherans out of thin air (the internet).

Whether you are from north, south, east, or west it will be a direction changing two days of growth for you (at least as far as requiring you to loosen your belt one more notch).

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