Steadfast in Society: Poprah

PoprahNothing calls for confession quite like getting caught red handed. At least that is what Lance Armstrong is coming to learn. The 7 time Tour de France winner has been accused time after time of cheating by using performance enhancing drugs. He has denied it time after time. Okay. Who cares? But let’s take it back to confirmation class. If you lie, you confess. When you sin, you confess. We seek absolution for our offenses. Lance Armstrong knows this why else would he be going to confession with the great and powerful Oprah?

Yes, Oprah. The post-modern, new age, check under your seat for salvation cleric will be hearing the confession of Lance Armstrong and will or will not pronounce forgiveness upon him on the OWN. How far have we fallen when one needs to run to Oprah to receive absolution? How skewed has our vision of Scripture become when we no longer fill the need to confess our sins before God and His Pastors for the American public judgment must certainly be more harsh than that of God himself.   Here is a related article.

This certainly is a problem that we are facing in our society. The confessional has been replaced with either an attitude of “it ain’t none of his business” or “public/societal justification.” Let us return to hearing the sweet, sweet words of absolution spoken through the mouths of God’s own servants. There is something wholly freeing about the words, “Pastor, please hear my confession and pronounce forgiveness in order to fulfill God’s will.” God’s will. Not Oprah’s ratings. May we confess our sins to God and be freed by the Holy Gospel. The world is fickle, may we never run to it for comfort and consolation, but ever more may we cling to the freeing word of Christ. After all Oprah wasn’t the answer to Simon Peter’s question, “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

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