I Just got Out of the BJS Conference Planning Meeting and Heard the Phrase “Maid-Rite Sliders” Not to Mention “Manly Man’s Breakfast,” by Pr. Rossow

The food at the annual BJS Conference is always great and this year it will be no different. For lunch on Saturday we are serving two varieties of sliders – pulled pork and maid-rite/sloppy joe. The meal will be rounded out with cole slaw (goes good on the pulled pork slider if you’re from Pittsburgh), baked beans, chips, cookies for dessert and some fresh cut veggies.

You may want to have a few of those veggies after chowing down on our annual Manly Man’s Breakfast earlier in the day, hosted by yours truly. It will include sausage, bacon, coffee cake, scrambled eggs, and a variety of specialty pancakes. (I sure picked a bad month to go on a diet.)

Dinner Friday night will be our usual pizza night with plenty of deep dish Chicago-style pizza to go around along with a sundae bar for dessert and for appetizers – bacon wrapped breadsticks dipped in parmesan cheese and hot bread served with flavored olive oil and more parmesan.

All of this is included in the low price conference registration. Click on the banner on the top of our home page for more details. “Quick, somebody get me a napkin I’ve got olive oil and barbeque sauce dripping on my Book of Concord!”

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