“Like a General that Forgets about Defense, the LCMS is in Trouble of Being Routed,” Rev. Loren Zell, by Pr. Rossow

Often we get comments on posts that are succinct and poignant and sometimes we have time and energy to make them posts in and of themselves. I thought the following comment on the “Where there is no Love…” post was just one of those comments. It puts into words a conclusion that I have been mulling over for a couple of years now.

In the past year, I’ve been reading Luther’s Sermons, and these are well worth reading for anyone.

Anyhow, I’ve decided that pure doctrine is what I will spend the rest of my life upholding and teaching. A general leading an army has to first be concerned about defense, before he can go on offense. It seems that the LCMS spent about the first 100 years on mostly defense. This makes sense, considering the vast amount of false doctrine in America. Also, the New Testament seems to have a lot more to say about defense against false doctrine than it does about evangelism. IMHO, we have seemed to wandered away from our history, and now put most of our emphasis on evangelism and not very much on the defense against false doctrine. Like a general that forgets about defense, the LCMS is in trouble of being routed.

Rev. Loren Zell

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