The End Times Cry of the DP’s: “Stay Off the Blogs!” by Pr. Rossow

When is the last time you heard a District President warn the pastors of his district to stay away from the latest heterodox evangelical fad with all its attendant published paraphernalia or from the latest secular-sociological demographics study that holds the key to church growth? I don’t ever remember hearing such a warning but the pleas to stay off the blogs are sounded with eschatological frequency and urgency. What’s up with that?

I suppose there is a half truth in the siren warnings of the DP’s, but it is only a half truth. If a pastor is spending too much time on the blogs that of course is a bad thing, sort of like spending too much time playing computer war games, or spending too much time on your gardening or watercolor painting. (Yes, watercolor painting – it is one of my hobbies.) Too much time on any of these things can draw the pastor away from his family and vocational duties. But that is not the fault of the blogs.

I speculate that a big part of their griping against blog time is because of the content of most of the blogs. They are pushing good ‘ole fashioned, liturgical, confessional, traditional doctrine and practice.

There are some DP’s who warn their pastors against reading evangelical tripe. The Iowa East DP comes to mind, but then again, he probably does not have to issue such warnings at his conferences because he actually gets out and visits his pastors and views their libraries in person. What a concept, an overseer who is overseeing! He is a first cousin of our grand poobah Overseer in St. Louis with the big moustache. In my estimation, the only difference between the two is that the first cousin got a head start on oversight. I am hearing of and beginning to see some intentional efforts toward supervision coming out of the Big Purple House. That itself may be a sign of the end times. As they say in “Evangelical Land” – maranatha!

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