Capitalism & Heresy – 500 Bucks gets you a Seat at the Women’s Ordination Conference, by Pr. Rossow

How would you like to join others in the LCMS for a conference geared toward developing an overture for  the 2013 LCMS convention to ordain women? It will only cost you $500 to attend! But wait, there’s more. The conference is out on the central great plains, in Norman, Oklahoma in the dead of winter. Could it get any better than that?

Yes, it can. The conference is being held at the US Postal Service’s National Center for Employee Development. I bet they have a really nice pool! But we’re not done yet. I’m sorry, there’s no ginsu knife added in (although at this point I am glad I don’t have one in my hand – I fear what I might do with it to rescue me from this pain) but there is a special add-on package for your spouse OR YOUR COMPANION for a mere $249. (Yes, I did say “your companion.”) I thought the people who ran these kind of things were socialists but it turns out they make the people at Bain Capital and Haliburton Inc. look like amateur capitalists.

I am not making this up. Click here for verification of this tantalizing deal by which you can join in all the fun of truly transforming the LCMS.

Here is the actual description of the event:

Conversations 2013 is the place where people who care about the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod will gather to begin conversations about the ordination of women in the LCMS.

Our purpose is to foster open conversation about the Holy Scriptures, and our understanding of God’s Word as it pertains to women and the Office of Holy Ministry.  We seek a truly open conversation where professional church workers can participate without the threat of church discipline or job loss looming over their heads.

Since when was the Scriptural requirement of doctrinal purity turned into a matter of jobs and employment. This is not a matter of job security. This is a matter of upholding the Word of truth.

Attendees at this conference, need to be asked if they uphold the Scriptural and synodical position on ordination. If they do not they need to be patiently shown Christ’s position on this. If they do not accept the Word of Christ then they have excluded themselves from fellowship with the orthodox church.

I’ve got a better idea. For $65 and the cost of hotel room for the night you can come to Naperville in February for the BJS conference and get a lot better food, some great parties and instead of holding discussion groups designed by Satan to undo the Word of Christ, we will give you speakers who will build you up in His Word!

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord…



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