Convention 2013: Nominating for various positions, by October 20 (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

St. Louis, July 20-25, 2013

In a previous post, “Convention 2013: Electing delegates, by October 20,” I outlined the steps for electing delegates to the national convention. Those elections have been happening at the circuit forums, and they will all have been wrapped up by October 20. Another convention procedure that has an October 20 deadline is submitting nominations for various elected positions. I’ll explain that procedure now.

The convention will be electing dozens of people to many offices, boards, and commissions. While these positions are not as “high-profile” as Synod President or Vice-Presidents, nevertheless, they are important and influential in the working and direction of our Synod: Secretary of the Synod; LCMS Board of Directors; Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR); Boards of Regents for our Seminaries and Universities–and more.

How are the names gathered for consideration to appear on the ballot? Through the Committee for Convention Nominations. And they solicit names to be recommended. That’s where you come in. You may nominate individuals to these positions. But that requires a little work and research. You need to know: Which positions are open? Are the nominees to be ordained, commissioned, or lay? Do I know persons who would be “good fits” for any of these positions? Would they be willing to serve? Do I have some biographical information on them? All of that work needs to be done in order to nominate. And then the proper forms need to be filled out and submitted BY OCTOBER 20. That’s only a week and a half away! So if you want to nominate someone, you need to get on that right away.

At this page, Convention Nominations, you can find the necessary information and forms: the Convention Nomination Process; the Nomination Form; the Nominee Bio Form; the Incumbent Form; the Evaluation Form; the list of Convention Positions to be filled; and the Common Qualifications. (Also, Secretary Hartwig has sent out a Convention Procedure Update on 2013 Convention Nominations.) So you can see, this process requires a little thought and research.

But you may know pastors, teachers, or laypeople who would serve well on a certain board or commission, people who are competent and confessional. And even if the person you recommend is not nominated for that particular position, just by “getting their name in the hopper,” you are giving the Committee more names to work with. And so, that person could end up being nominated for another position–or they could even be floor-nominated at the convention itself. But only if that name has been properly submitted . . . BY OCTOBER 20.

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