May, Wolfmueller and Fisk! Mark Your Calendars for the Next BJS Conference

“Lutherans In Africa, Out of Evangelicalism and in the LCMS”

The weekend closest to Valentines Day is always special for Confessional Lutherans because it means the annual BJS shindig which includes authentic Lutheran worship, no pietists allowed parties, high cholesterol food and great speakers.

Next year’s conference will be on Friday and Saturday, February 15-16 here at Bethany Lutheran Church, Naperville, Illinois. We have a great line-up of speakers for you: Rev. James May, Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller and Pastor Jonathan Fisk.

Our theme is “Lutherans!” Rev. May is the Director of Lutherans in Africa and will talk to us about that important work. Pastor Wolfmueller is a former evangelical who is now a dyed in the wool Lutheran and radio host. He will be sharing with us his journey out of evangelicalism and into historic Lutheranism. Pastor Fisk, Associate Pastor here at Bethany, Naperville, and creator/host of Worldview Everlasting will be talking about striving for pure Lutheranism in the LCMS today, a BJS hallmark.

BONUS SESSION – So, in the process of recruiting Wolfmueller, he prevailed upon us to support a recent habit and hobby he has picked up. It is one of his lifetime dreams to be a stand-up comic and he has stipulated that he will only speak at the BJS conference if he gets a chance to do his schtick. (We replied by asking what the difference would be between his normal conference presentation style and stand-up comedy.) Since we try not to take ourselves to seriously here at BJS we thought this was a perfect fit for our conference. So, if for no other reason than to watch Wolfmueller thrive or die under the hot lights of the BJS stage, start making your plans now to attend the conference.

We will be putting up registration materials in the next few weeks. (Click here for a look at last year’s conference.)

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