Founder and Editor of BJS on KFUO this Morning, by Pr. Rossow

Hey, that’s me. I will be interviewed on the Morning Show on KFUO radio this morning at 8:30 CST. The host is Pastor Randy Asbury, a confessional pastor from St. Louis. The show can be heard by clicking here.

BJS on KFUO is a refreshing and positive change in our synod. Many confessional Lutherans in the LCMS are looking for change in our beloved synod faster than it is happening now that Matthew Harrison is the president. We are a large institution and so change will be slow and deliberate. The new management at KFUO is one of those deliberate changes and it is certainly for the better.

Rev. Rod Zwonitzer is the new manager of KFUO. His leadership is assurance that KFUO will be a vehicle for proclaiming the pure confessional Gospel.

I can vouch personally for his confessional pedigree. I first met Rod through my college roommate who knew him in Dallas, TX. Rod would later become the Associate Pastor in the parish I served in Dearborn, MI (Emmanuel – home of a BJS chapter) and when I took the call to Naperville, IL, he succeeded me as Senior Pastor.

Rod is well suited for his new job. He is a second career pastor. His first vocation was as a marketing executive for a global, fortune five-hundred company.

We look forward to promoting KFUO here on BJS as a part of our mission to uphold the new Lutheran media. Our first love of course will always be Issues, Etc. It was the cancellation of Issues that got BJS started on our quest to promote the new confessional Lutheran media. How wonderful that the Lord has made all things new. It was not that long ago that management at KFUO and our synod Board for Communications rid the KFUO airwaves of the confessional theology of Issues, Etc. Now things have changed, and certainly for the better.

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