Wittenberg Academy: Elementary Latin now offered

Wittenberg Academy, the world’s first online, classical Lutheran high school, has had a great response from our interview on Issues, Etc. One thing that came across loud and clear was that there are a great many families who are homeschooling who want to start more classical studies, especially Latin, in the primary grades.  So Wittenberg Academy has decided to open a course to meet this need: Elementary Latin.  That’s the great thing about an online, no-overhead, classical Lutheran School: we can turn on a dime! Here is the course description:

Elementary Latin I, II, & III
This series of courses (Michaelmas-Easter terms) is designed to offer elementary aged students an enjoyable and age appropriate  introduction to the Latin language. Elementary Latin is especially designed for families who are homeschooling in the primary grades or for Lutheran schools who wish to offer a Latin course in the primary grades. The textbook is Minimus: Starting Out In Latin.

A few details are yet to be worked out – but the cost for the course will be quite a bit less than the high school level courses. I’d love to see local parish schools take this course up as well (we are planning on using the recorded lectures in our parish school this fall); if you are interested, contact Mrs. Benson through the website and we will keep you informed as the course develops.


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