Update on ULC Eviction hearing

The past two days have been filled with courtrooms for ULC and the MNS District.  The latest news is that each party has until 4 PM tomorrow to file any more briefs.  The Judge may take until Monday to render judgment in the case.


A reminder to all of you that the Minnesota South District Convention is happening June 14th-16th.  Pray for the delegates as it appears they will have to discuss these matters on the floor.

Delegates to the Convention – you may not agree with me on the ULC situation theologically or even politically – but please consider the case by plain reason.  What was the purpose of the money raised to purchase the property?  Was it to fund others or was it to fund ULC?

Who has caused this division?  Does your District need more hurt and greater divisions?  Who has refused to talk and be open?  Who refused a higher offer (if this was about money, they made a bad choice financially)?  Why was the higher offer refused (was it because ULC would have been allowed to stay and worship in a new facility)?

Just using your common sense reasoning – how does it look when a District has to evict one of its own congregations – which it is supposed to exist to serve (remember that congregations are the basis for Synod, Synod [and her Districts] serves congregations)?

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