ULC last Divine Services in their chapel this Sunday, eviction Monday

The eviction order that the MNS District BOD sought against ULC received the judge’s stamp of approval.

This Sunday, June 24th will mark the final service held in the sanctuary that was built by Christians from both Minnesota North and Minnesota South Districts, a facility which has served students since its construction.  On Monday, June 25th the congregation will have to the leave the facility for good, taking with them the memories of the ministry conducted in that place.    The Lord has seen fit through the convention of the MNS District to provide some money so that ULC may find a new location from which to conduct His Word and Sacrament ministry to the students of the University of Minnesota.

ULC being forced to leave this location is a sad chapter in the LCMS and our Life Together.

May the Lord be with the members and students who He has drawn to this place as they move  into new opportunities this next year.

Continue to keep the congregation, Pr. Kind, and the students of the University of Minnesota in your prayers.




A note from Pastor Kind on Facebook:

Having lost our fight against being evicted by the Minnesota South District, and having been granted monies by the District in convention to relocate, we have decided to honor the wishes of the convention and seek to put an end to our litigation and move out peacefully prior to the eviction date without appealing the eviction.

The final service at our chapel will be held this Sunday (June 24th) at 3 pm. It will include the Rite of the Disposition of a Church Building (desecration or de-sacralization).

We dearly hope you will be able to attend as we both mourn the loss of our chapel and look with expectant hope to the future our Lord is laying out before us.

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