MNS Convention Update on ULC. UPDATED

The MNS Convention started conducting business today.  The elections went to the Mission Vision MNS candidates, with Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy elected District President.

The convention also approved a plan to provide $2,000,000 from the sale of the ULC building to go to ULC.  That being said the building still has to come down and the congregation will lose it’s historic, beloved, and excellent location.

MNS will still receive the 1.25 million from ULC and 900,000 from the CLC sale.

What I also want to say is this.  Pres. Harrison rightly says that the actions of the MNS District unleashed a “blizzard of sin” on all sides.  I would urge all to examine themselves for any snowflakes or wind gusts they contributed to that blizzard and deal with it as Christians.  I will also say that ULC and her pastor Rev. David Kind have conducted themselves in an admirable fashion.  I continue to support them and their work with whatever I have, most of all my prayers.  I would urge the readers of BJS to do the same.

As more information becomes available, I will try to post it here.

UPDATE: I received word from Pastor David Kind this afternoon.  Here is what he says (published with his permission):

I’m thankful. This is not what we ever wanted, but it is more than we honestly expected we’d ever come away with. Now I pray everything can be tied up quickly and honestly so we can move on with our life as a congregation and our work on campus.



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