BJS Reaches 5 Million Page Load Milestone, by Pr. Rossow

Here at The Brothers of John the Steadfast we fashion ourselves as the go-to-place for Lutheran News and Commentary and by at least one measure we are achieving that goal. A few weeks ago we passed the five million page load milestone. (He put’s his little finger next to his mouth ala Dr. Evil and says “Yes, I said five million page loads.”)

We started this venture and went on-line June 25, 2008, the same day John the Steadfast and his fellow confessors risked their lives and reputations by signing the Augsburg Confession.

May is usually our biggest month. In our first May (2009) we had 72,000 page loads. Yesterday we set a new record for May with 152,000 page loads. Our single day record for unique visits was the day before the election of President Harrison when we had over 10,000 unique visitors for one day. That month (July, 2010) was also our record high month with nearly 300,000 page loads.

We thank you for your patronage and ask you to help us reach the 10 million page load milestone (“Yes, I did say 10 million”) by sending our link ( to your friends and relatives so that they can join in the fun and be connected to the go-to-place for Lutheran news and commentary.

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow, Editor and Chairman of the Board

The Rev. Joshua Scheer, Associate Editor


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