Wittenberg Academy: Classical Lutheran High School for the World

Introducing Wittenberg Academy – the world’s first online, Lutheran High School in the classical tradition: www.wittenbergacademy.org. Listen to an interview with Head Teacher Mrs. Jocelyn Benson and Latin and Greek teacher Rev. H. R. Curtis on Issues, Etc., Monday, May 28, from 3-4pm. Or download the podcast after that time.


Ever since the Saxon immigration to these shores, the Lutheran Church has thrived via education. “Free” government schools were the creation of the Puritans of Massachusetts and from the beginning the German Lutherans were wary of them. Things are no better today when a radical secular agenda is the spirit of the age in government education. The Lutheran parish school is the best bulwark the Church can erect against this spirit which is not of our Spirit. If you have a Lutheran parish school in your area, you should support it. If you don’t have a Lutheran parish school in your area, then homeschooling is another option to explore if at all possible.

But what about high school? Lutheran high schools exist, but they are relatively few and far between. And many homeschooling families are nervous about teaching the core subject areas at the high school level. Wittenberg Academy exists both to fill this void and to supplement what local Lutheran High Schools can offer.

If your homeschooling family includes high school aged students, or you want to offer classes in theology, Latin, Logic, etc., that your local high school can’t offer – then you need to check out Wittenberg Academy. Registration is now open at www.wittenbergacademy.org and on Monday you can listen to the Issues, Etc. interview (either live or via podcast) with Head Teacher, Mrs. Benson, and Latin and Greek teacher, Rev. H. R. Curtis.

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