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I want thank Pr. Scheer and the entire BJS staff for giving me an opportunity to contribute to this site which has edified me in numerous ways.

I’ve been listening and watching presentations and conversations on the Internet before they were called podcasts. Then in June of 2005 the game changed when Apple integrated podcasting into iTunes. There was an endless variety of shows including a large number of Christian podcasts. At the time I was hip deep in American Evangelicalism but stumbled across a Lutheran podcast called Issues, Etc. I was an avid listener until the cancelation in Holy Week of 2008. That event was the catalyst for the explosion of Lutheran “new media.” Lutheran blogs, podcasts, and video blogs were and still are popping up all the time. To help you sift through the hours of content available my goal is to present an episode, segment, or clip that highlights the best in confessional Lutheranism from the past week (I reserve the right to dip into the archives on rare occasions).



The Inaugural Pick

Radical Grace RadioThis podcast was one of those I recall as being born out of the Issues, Etc. ashes. It’s Radical Grace Radio which is hosted Pr. Gary Held and Matthew Pancake and the episode is titled, “The Meaning of Christian Life.”




At about the 10 minute mark of the show Pr. Held starts a discussion of John 15:9-17 and how to avoid adding our works to the Gospel when we run into passages that talk about what we are commanded to do. You won’t want to miss the section at the 25 minute mark where he breaks down the quote, “Good works are necessary… but not for salvation…”

God had given us the tremendous gift of this vast Internet. My hope is to highlight some of the gems that readers of this site may have missed.

Associate Editor’s Note: With this posting we introduce Mr. Brian Yamabe to our crew of writers here at BJS.  We also want to highlight the fact that these picks will help us in our goal of promoting Confessional Lutheranism and its media.  Please take the time to look into these suggestions from week to week, as there are countless gems of theology in the archives of all of the different podcasts and other Lutheran media on the web.  Here is a little more about Brian:

Brian is a member of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in San Jose, CA where he serves as the Corporate Secretary. He has held the vocation of software developer for 20+ years, has seen multiple boom/bust cycles of Silicon Valley, and has been a keen observer of the latest technology trends . He has also been gifted with the vocations of  husband to Erin for 15+ years and father to Emiko and Mari.





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