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The Internet is all about being relevant, right? In the past week or so there have been a couple posts on classical education (Wittenberg Academy and Steadfast in Education), and this week’s Steadfast Media pick is a recent segment of Issues, Etc. on the same subject.


Pr. Heath Curtis and Jocelyn Benson explain what classical education is, its history, how it differs from modern educational models, and how it aligns with a Lutheran worldview and theology. Classical education focuses on grammar, logic, and rhetoric as the way to unify and relate the study of math, science, language, the arts, etc. Pr. Wilken sums it up nicely when he says, “… we’re trying to teach people how to think.”

One exchange that some may find controversial occurs at ~32:00 when Pr. Curtis responds to the criticism that classical education is outdated by calling for repentance and saying, “… especially Lutheran Parents, need to take the bull by the horns and quit sending their kids to government schools.” (~32:55) I’m not going to defend public education, but this section was tough to get through because I was listening to a pastor, whom I deeply respect, advocate for a position that has no “Thus saith the Lord.” I assume that Pr. Curtis was speaking from his vocation as faculty member of Wittenberg Academy, but it was difficult to keep that in mind when I am so used to listening to him argue from Scripture.

This was not my pick because I advocate or oppose classical education. I’m a product of modern education and by the grace of God I can walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time without forgetting to breath ;-). This was my pick because I wanted people with the vocation of parent to learn more about an alternative to the modern education system that is in alignment with our Lutheran heritage. If you are a parent and didn’t, can’t, or won’t give your children a classical education you have not failed them. They are still baptized children of God and He will care and work through them no matter how they were/are educated.

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