Songs I Can’t Turn Off – Coldplay’s “When I Ruled the World,” Thank you Issues Etc! by Pr. Rossow

Things have been pretty serious in BJS land for the last couple of weeks so let’s take a break and make a couple of fun/profound lists.

You pull into the parking place and you are about to get out of the car when that song comes on the radio (cd, i-pod, etc.) and you just can’t turn it off. What’s on your list? I hope you will share it with the BJS gang on the comment list below. My list includes a few songs from The Who, Buddy Holly, Asleep at the Wheel and even a couple from the Carpenters. (Yes, I said “The Carpenters.” Don’t worry – I am in therapy for that.)

So I pull into the church parking lot this morning and I hear “When I Ruled the World” by Coldplay. Because it is the bump song for Issues Etc. and because it is a really cool song, it has become one of those that I just can’t turn off. As I wrote this post, I pulled up the song from the intraweb and listened to it five times in a row. (I am also in therapy for obsessive/compulsive behavior.) Speaking if Issues, Etc. that leads me to a second list that I would like you to contribute to on the comments below.

I thank God for Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz because of their contribution to the confessional Lutheran revival going on around the world. I think the only person or group I would put before them in a top ten list of confessional Lutheran influences would be the confessional professors in the LCMS of the past and present (e.g. Nagel, Hummel, Marquart, Robert Preus, etc.).

So in addition to the music list, let’s hear from you about your notion of the top contributors (people, institutions, historical events, etc.) to confessional Lutheranism. While you do that I am going to press the play button one more time on “When I Ruled the World.”

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