Maytag Repairman Pastor – Waiting for Confessers, by Pr. Rossow

Many of you will remember the Maytag commercials about the lonely repairman. He was lonely because the product was so dependable and never needed fixing. I feel a little like the Maytag Pastor today, waiting to hear confessions and not getting a lot of takers.

Since our first Good Friday service is not until 4 PM we set aside the three hours when our Lord hung on the cross for private confession and absolution in the pastors’ studies. We have been doing this for a few years and still only get a couple of folks to come in.

We also practice private confession and absolution throughout the year as requested but then as well, there are not many takers.

It is really our own fault because we have not done enough teaching on it. We are going to be spending more time teaching it throughout the coming year.

One person who came in, in addition to confessing sins and receiving absolution, volunteered some things about his spiritual exercise. He mentioned that during Lent, each Friday morning he prayed the Litany (LSB p. 288). He described it as a great way to respond to all of the garbage of the past week and a helpful bridge to the upcoming Divine Service. He found it so helpful this season of Lent that he has decided to make it a regular practice all year long.

I have been jotting this post down a little at a time as the afternoon passed on and I am happy to report that the reason I am finishing it up at 3:30 is that it wasn’t such a lonely day after all. We had several more confessers than a typical year. hopefully it is a sign of things to come once we spend more time extolling the blessings of private confession and Holy Absolution.

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