Just over 30 days to go and ULC is still conducting faithful ministry in their building.

I just received word that tonight the saints of ULC have joined for a momentous occasion in the life of the congregation as well as in the lives of six catechumens who are being examined in order to be confirmed (Confirmation will be on April 7th during the Easter Vigil there).  Thank God for such a blessing to the congregation.

These catechumens represent longstanding children who were baptized at ULC and continued to be raised in the life of that congregation.  Often with the strong emphasis on the campus ministry side of ULC we forget that there are families that have been a part of ULC for many decades.  These families have been working with faithful pastors like Rev. Pless and Rev. Kind to both have their children baptized and taught all things and receive the Lord’s Supper in a sanctuary that was purchased with donations from Lutherans from all over the state of Minnesota.

This sanctuary is now being sold from underneath the congregation, its families, the students at the University of Minnesota, and these six new confirmands (provided tonight’s examination goes well).

Please consider donating to ULC here.

Please keep ULC in your prayers as the fight is not over yet.  These six new confirmands also will need your prayers as their young faith is being tested already in this life by seeing that the Church contains sinners and hypocrites (AC VIII).  Please keep Pr. Kind also in your prayers as he is no doubt being tested as well.

A good Psalm for this occasion would be Psalm 10:1-18

Arise, O Lord; O God lift up your hand; forget not the afflicted…

As the ULC building is being sold to fund other campus outreach, I hope they can give a brick from the building to each congregation that wants to take the money that has been earned in a way which has only appeared right.

Minnesota South District delegates, please remember ULC in your convention actions and voting.  No matter what “politics” are at play here, there is no reason for the men in charge of this action to continue working with their disregard for the people that make up the congregation of ULC.  That is just not servant leadership.  Matthew 20:25-27



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