Last Chance to Register for the Farm Fresh Eggs at the BJS Conference, by Pr. Rossow

The Rossow's Chickens: Hazel, Henrietta and Hattie

Registration will close Tuesday night for this years Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference which will give us time to stomp the grapes for the wine tasting, milk the cows to make the cheese for the cheese fries, and to go out in my back yard and get fresh eggs contributed by my wife’s chickens for the manly man’s breakfast. (Yes, you can raise hens in Naperville and yes my wife does raise chickens and yes we will bring whatever eggs we might have – they lay fewer eggs during the shorter days of Winter.)

As usual we have people registering for the conference from all around the country. Most are coming from Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin but we also have registrants from Seattle, Dallas, Minneapolis and other far-reaching places of the confessional diaspora.

The conference has been graced through the years with some great speakers and this year is no different. The Brothers have been addressed by President Matthew Harrison, Todd Wilken, Chris Rosebrough, Mollie Ziegler-Hemingway, and many others. This year we have a crop of young bucks (Fisk, Wolfmueller and Scheer) presenting on the new Lutheran media.

We will also be graced by Rev. David Kind of University Lutheran Chapel preaching Evening Prayer on Friday and Rev. Thomas Messer, from Alma, Michigan, preaching the Divine Service on Saturday.

Also worth mentioning are the No Pietist Allowed parties. We will have more detail on that in the next day or so.

The hospitality will be warm, the eggs will be fresh and the speakers will be engaging. See you in Naperville next weekend and if you want a tour of the chicken coup, I am sure we could arrange that.

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