Google Stats Point to the Sunset of Contemporary Worship? by Pr. Rossow

We can only hope so! We have argued long and hard here on BJS that Contemporary Worship is an aberrant expression of the highly Romantic and anti-establishment character of the 60’s/70’s generation. Even the church growthers have acknowledged that a more reverent and spiritual worship form is needed with their creation of emergent worship (darkness, candles, chants, etc.) but thankfully that is passing too since it missed the true spirituality of the means of grace and was just another narcissistic substitute for ancient and historic liturgy.

Over on another post Rev. James Schulz posted the following interesting factoid from Google:

I’m hopeful that church growth worship forms and mentality will fade away as the boomer generation rides off into the retirement sunset. If Google is any indicator, perhaps interest in a return to ancient liturgical worship forms is on the rise. Yesterday AFP-Relax News reported that in the seven days prior to February 27, the word “lent” was the search term with the most significant growth for Google users:

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