To Maintain Accountability of Synodical Universities to the Synod

Whereas, one of the most important ways in which synodical universities are held accountable to the membership of the synod is through the election of four of the university Board of Regents at synodical conventions on a regular basis, and the election of four others at the respective district conventions; and

Whereas, in the restructuring of the synod in 2010, the Task Force added a bylaw that mandated “no less than four and no more than eight laypersons” are to be appointed as voting members by the board of regents; and

Whereas, the appointed members of the Regents are allowed to appoint their successors, and this practice of self-perpetuating appointments is not allowed on the LCMS Board of Directors (bylaw or on the LCMS seminary Board of Regents (bylaw; and

Whereas, in the absence of one elected member, or other situations, the eight appointed members could control the board against the will of the elected members of the synod and district; and

Whereas, this situation undermines the accountability of all ten synodical universities to their chief constituency, the membership of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; there be it

Resolved, that present bylaw be revised by adding to its end this sentence: “Appointed members may not vote on the appointment of other members of the board.”

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