Don’t Forget about Our “No Pietists Allowed” Blogs – A Quaint Story about London just Recorded There, by Pr. Rossow

About once a month we get a reader dropping a post onto one of our No Pietists Allowed blogs. This afternoon a pastor from Milwaukee posted the following.

When I was visiting Westminster Abby in 1996, a docent approached me to start up some small talk. When she found out I was a Lutheran pastor from the United States (she had no clue where Milwaukee, Wisconsin was – makes you feel pretty small), she asked me (imagine an English accent), “Say, do you have ‘confirmation’ for children in their early teens in your church?” “Yes,” I said in my harsh Midwestern accent. (Sub story: If you need to ask for directions and want to get to where you’re going in London, you’d better find out how to pronounce “Tottenham” correctly.) She said, “Do you find that after they’re confirmed, they don’t attend services after that?” I said, “Yes. It happens to us Lutherans in America, too.” It’s a small world as they say.

So true: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” – Samuel Johnson

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