And we wonder why women’s ordination is still an issue for us?

I had a chance to look through the latest Lutheran World Relief News magazine the other day and as soon as I opened it I discovered a glaring problem.

The latest issue of LWR News can be found here.

On the second page LWR President and CEO Rev. Nunes (LCMS) has a devotional.  On the opposite page (3) I found an article where the husband  is doing some good and giving a tithe to LWR.  The problem becomes evident when I saw the picture for the article: this man is the husband of a woman who claims to be a pastor.  The picture showed their family with the mom in clerical collar.  What a confusing message!  On one page we have a noted and respected LCMS clergyman, and on the next we have someone who has usurped the office of the ministry.

Now, is it any wonder why groups like OWN (Ordain Women Now) even exist when the groups we are involved with, and are headed up by LCMS men publicize articles which acknowledge women’s ordination?  It seems like our confession of the truth rings pretty hollow when we work together with those we would consider actively believing heresy and even apostasy.

I understand that things are changing in our efforts to work in human care things.  I am glad they are changing.  I hope that the changes can help us proclaim a pure Gospel and that our works would demonstrate our faithfulness to the teachings of the Apostles instead of causing confusion.  We can have mercy on people, even without the help of the female clergy.  Perhaps “It’s Time” to shed the fear of what may happen if we do it on our own.


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