Same old heresy, new name: LCMS OWN

A friend alerted me to this online today.  It is yet another effort of Satan to afflict the LCMS with more heresy, this time with the heresy of women’s ordination.   On their discussion page they would not tolerate my conversation since the Word of God tells me to mark and avoid such false teachers (and call heretics by their name).  They also claim that they are “growing”, and from my experience of these kinds of groups in the LCMS, the only thing that is growing is their number of years.

Here is their website

Here are the heretics on facebook

I have a few suggestions for these folks:

1.  List your names, if this is what you really believe needs to happen, stand firm in it and publicly declare it.

2.  Leave the LCMS and stop having anything to do with us.  LCMC and NALC are more “moderate” versions of “Lutheranism” out there that accept your heresies.  If you want to take your theology to its fullest expression, just join the ELCA.


Further – some things are not worth talking about over and over again.  The scriptures are clear on this point.  This is NOT an opportunity for Koinonia.  How can light have fellowship with darkness?

There are things which honest LCMS folks can have disagreements over (hence the Koinonia Project), this is not one of them.
Here is a great “Advent” moment to preach the law to these folks, lest they be allowed to continue in their impenitence and unbelief, ultimately leading to their eternal destruction.  Here is a great “Advent” moment for them to repent.


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