Worldview Everlasting and BJS Join Forces, Sort Of…Rev. Fisk Accepts Call to Bethany, Naperville, by Pr. Rossow

I will need to watch my step from now on because the Worldview Everlasting samurai swords will be hanging on a study wall not more than fifteen feet from where I am writing this post in my own study.

The members, pastors, and staff of Bethany Lutheran Church and School, Naperville, Illinois are very pleased that Rev. Jonathan Fisk has heard their call to come to Naperville to serve as pastor. Rev. Fisk will serve as associate pastor alongside fellow associate Stephen Schumacher and me, the administrative pastor.

We have a saying at Bethany when it comes to ranking pastors. “A pastor is a pastor is a pastor.” We do have some man-made lines of accountability for the orderly administration of the office of the ministry but no pastor has it over another when it comes to forgiving sins, preaching the Gospel, serving up the body and blood of the Lord and determining false gospels from the One, True Gospel of Christ.

Pastor Fisk will be taking his turn preaching, teaching and administering the sacrament and focusing on youth, technology, publicity and teaching us all how to reach postmodern ears with the Gospel.

Worldview Everlasting is not really joining forces with BJS but it will be nice to have it emanating from the same place as the work of the Brothers and also the same place that is home to Cantor Phillip Magness’ Liturgy Solutions, a resource for musical settings for the liturgy and liturgical consulting.

Reverend Fisk’s installation is tentatively set for Sunday afternoon, November 20th. If you are in the Chicago land area we would love to have you for this joyous occasion.

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