President Harrison’s Open Forum for the ANCA-LCMS Dialogue

Found on Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:

President Harrison's Open Forum Address

President Harrison gave an address at the ACNA-LCMS Open Forum held at Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne on Thursday, October 27, 2011. The video of President Harrison’s presentation is provided below in three parts.

– Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Director of Church Relations–Assistant to the President


Following are comments from BJS:

2 minutes 16 seconds into the above .. A lot of the Missouri Synod’s dialog has been spent on the ELCA over the years all to no avail. Believe me, I’ve spent more time with the ELCA people than anyone in the Missouri Synod in the last 10 years.


5:10 into the above: “Our relationship with the ELCA is over. … We’ve ended a number of express joint work. We can’t just do it anymore with a good conscience.”

8:26: The Missouri Synod today, because of economics and because of a number of issues which are challenging among us, has excess seminary capacity. On my watch I’m just not going to be for closing institutions. We need to vastly increase the use of seminary capacity right now. Continue to listen here for his plan to start doing this.


0:26: The ordination of woman, I don’t believe has very much traction at all

6:00: It’s time for us really to work hard on the theology of mission

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