Schedule of 2012 District Conventions (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

The 35 districts of the LCMS will hold their conventions during the year 2012, with the earliest in January (North Dakota) and the latest in July (Central Illinois).

So why is it important to know the date of your 2012 district convention now? Because there are important deadlines to be met far in advance of the convention. Nominations for district offices, election of lay delegates, submission of overtures, etc.–the due dates for these things may be up to five or six months before your convention. Check your district newsletter or website (there are links at the directory at, or check with your pastor, circuit counselor, or district office to find out the deadlines for these various actions.

And these deadlines in turn require action by congregational voters’ assemblies, which therefore typically need to be held this fall. So while your particular district convention could be four to ten months away, right now is a good time to begin preparing.

I plan to write more in the next week or so on preparing for your district convention, so watch this space for a review of the procedures, which include some significant changes since last time.

Here is a link to a two-page pdf file of the schedule of the 2012 District Conventions. And the dates and districts look like this:

January 22–25: North Dakota

February 16–18: Southern Illinois

March 9–10: Northern Illinois

April 16–18: Minnesota North

April 18–21: South Dakota

April 20–21: Oklahoma

April 27–29: California-Nevada-Hawaii

May 10–12: Wyoming

May 31 – June 2: Southeastern

May 31 – June 2: New Jersey

June 3–5: Missouri

June 7–9: Kansas

June 7–9: Rocky Mountain

June 8–9: Atlantic

June 8–9: Nebraska

June 10–11: North Wisconsin

June 10–12: South Wisconsin

June 14–16: Minnesota South

June 14–16: New England

June 14–16: Ohio

June 14–16: Southern

June 15–16: Eastern

June 18–21: Montana

June 21–23: Texas

June 21–23: Northwest

June 22–24: Florida-Georgia

June 22–24: Mid-South

June 22–24: SELC

June 24–27: Iowa West

June 24–27: Michigan

June 27–29: Pacific Southwest

June 27–30: English

June 28–29: Indiana

June 29–30: Iowa East

July 8–10: Central Illinois

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