President Harrison Demonstrates Creativity and Unity in the “Raabe-Mission War Room,” by Pr. Rossow

Al Colver has a very informative and inspiring post over on his blog ABC3’s of Miscellany about President Harrison’s new, creative and unifying approach to LCMS missions.

I encourage you to read the entire post but here is a summary. Dr. Paul Raabe from Concordia Seminary responded to a recent Harrison talk with an idea that we need a missions war room so that we can coordinate all of our efforts. That’s all Harrison and his team needed. They set to work creating just such a war room and beyond that, they brought in folks from both seminaries and key missions positions to get everyone working together.

We are looking forward to the efforts of President Harrison to unite our synod in doctrine and practice but in the meantime, just as we reported last week, we are pleased with his work on addressing the hard budget questions in our synod, so too, we here at the Brothers of John the Steadfast are pleased to see Harrison being so creative in addressing the need for the LCMS to “rock the Lutheran world” (a new favorite Harrison quote). Unity in doctrine and practice is going to take quite a while but in the meantime, creative unity in effort on missions and smart, tough budget decisions are going to serve the Gospel well and lay the groundwork to unite us in doctrine and practice.

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