TableTalkRadio — Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

I found this on the pericope email list (a list for pastors to get feedback from other pastors as they are developing their sermons).

The show will be live at Table Talk Radio or also available on Pirate Christian Radio. The discussion will be available on podcasts on Table Talk Radio shortly after the show ends.

Gleason Snashall speaking:

On Sunday 15 May 8:00-10 PM EDT (5-7 PDT), Dr. David Scaer of CTSFW will engage in a debate on the resurrection of Jesus on with the agnostic, Robert M. Price.

(click image for readable version)


Price is no dummy and he reflects many of the attitudes of the cultural elite in America (a universalist view of religion); the following URL that I found convinces me of that fact:


Click here for more information on the pericope email list.
Click here for TableTalkRadio.

Listen live starting Sunday, May 15th, at 8PM eastern, 7PM central, 6PM mountain, or 5PM pacific at Table Talk Radio or Pirate Christian Radio.

Miss the show? It will be available via podcast on Table Talk Radio shortly after the live broadcast is completed.

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