BJS Newsreel: Audio from Previous Conventions

For those of you who haven’t yet decided to register for the 2011 Steadfast Lutherans conference, I thought you might be interested in listening to the presentations and worship opportunities from our previous years.

This says nothing about the hospitality of the men and women from Bethany who provide such a welcoming experience for all of us during these conferences.

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First, a few comments from attendees of our previous conferences:

Kevin: Thanks so much to you and all the folks at Bethany that made the conference such a huge success. What hard work and hospitality!! We had a great time, and spent the 4 hours riding home discussing the speakers, our plans for starting our new reading group, and attending next year’s conference.

Pat: What a wonderful experience it is to be at the first national conference! It was spiritually uplifting; the speaker shared his personal experiences which helped the brothers to see the need for confessional preaching, liturgy, and teaching. It was wonderful to experience the Vespers service with 80 men (and women) with the NID President Gilbert preaching. We recommend that you don’t miss the next one!

Cheryl: Pastor Rossow has been my pastor for almost 10 years now, and although I know well what he is capable of when he gets an idea in his head, I am blown away at what he has put together for this first conference of the Brothers of John the Steadfast. It is truly an historic happening.

Pastor Messer: Excellent conference, thus far! Chris Rosebrough was simply fantastic this evening. There was no “cheesiness” in his testimony. It was (is) authentic, through and through. What a joy it was for him to discover the Gospel, and what a gift it is for all of us that the Gospel was revealed to him. … Kudos to Pastor Rossow and the good folks at Bethany for their wonderful hospitality and first-class accomodations. The food was great and the service outstanding. Lovin’ every minute thus far. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

Dennis: To Pastor Rossow and the members of Bethany Lutheran, Thank you for a wonderful conference and the blessings of fellowship and worship with the Brothers of John the Steadfast. Chris and Pastor Wilken alone were worth the trip – the hospitality of your congregation speaks clearly of your love for the Gospel and fellow Christians. Blessings to you all.

Ross: I want to thank all of the brothers and sisters at Bethany Lutheran Church for their hospitality, great food and beautiful music. I want to thank Pastor Preus, Mrs. Hemingway, and Pastor Wilken for coming and giving such fine presentations. I also want to thank President Mueller and Pastor Sikora for their sermons, the liturgists, musicians and all who participated in the worship services.


Now for the audio, from February 2010:

Klemet Preus’ presentation (paper available here)



The following is the Evening Prayer service from Friday Evening (there is an audio glitch in it; sorry about that!)



Mollie Hemingway’s presentation:



Todd Wilken’s presentation – The Myth of LCMS Exceptionalism:



And finally, the Divine Service that closed the convention!



And from February 2009:

Here is Chris Rosebrough’s first presentation at the conference:



Here is the Vespers service:



Here is the first presentation on Saturday from Chris Rosebrough:



And here is Pastor Todd Wilken’s session 3 of the conference:



And finally, here is the audio from the Divine Service that closed the event. What a joy to end the conference in such a worshipful manner. Pastor Rossow was right when he said after the Vespers service that people don’t know how emotional a fully liturgical confessional service can be. I think his exact words were “Those baptists have nothing on us!”


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