Do you subscribe to The Lutheran Witness?

For many years, The Lutheran Witness was seen as a publication in decline. The articles were treacly more than engrossing. And they weren’t known for being the most effective transmission of Lutheran doctrine. I stopped caring about the publication altogether. But several years ago the magazine started improving. And it has continued to improve . . . to the point that I just ordered a 3-year subscription. I know that public perception about publications can be difficult to alter, so it’s worth spreading the good news that The Lutheran Witness is a magazine worth reading and encouraging friends to subscribe to.

Excerpts from the most recent edition include:

President’s message: LIFE TOGETHER: Confession or Witness?

Rev. William Weedon’s When Half-Spent Was the Night, about the first Divine Service of Christmas

Dr. Reed Lessing’s look at the light of Christianity.

Rose E. Adle’s “Yes, Virginia. There are angels!

Terence Maher’s explanation of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Lonie Eatherton’s Christian analysis of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

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