Great Stuff Found on the Web — Pastor Wilhelm Torgerson Explains the 95 Theses Posting at the Castle Church

In the afterglow of Reformation services and celebrations all around the world, our readers might enjoy this recent post by Dr. Al Collver on his blog. It includes a YouTube video of Pastor Wilhelm Torgerson, formerly a resident of Wittenberg in Saxony, explaining the bronze doors to the Castle Church, where Luther posted his 95 theses. The camera goes sideways for a minute, so the viewer can see the entire door and the painting above the doors. Below the video on the blog, there is also a “slideshow” of significant sites in the old town section of Wittenberg. The slideshow is worth viewing for anyone who wonders what Wittenberg looks like today. Enjoy the views and video!

P.S. Dr. Collver and President Harrison were in Wittenberg on business for the International Lutheran Council meeting.

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