Great Stuff Found on the Web — Mini-Travelogue by Al Collver on abc3miscellany

Synod President Matthew Harrison is visiting in Germany. Dr. Albert B. Collver,
Director of Church Relations has been posting several pictures and videos, a mini-travelogue during their visit; it is well worth reviewing.

Review the blog postings from Oct 22nd through today to enjoy a mini-trip and follow along at least through Oct 25th.

On Friday morning, President Harrison and I arrived in Berlin, Germany, for meetings related to the International Lutheran Society of Wittenberg (ILSW), a project the Synod in the 2010 convention passed as Resolution 1-08 — “To Encourage the ‘Wittenberg Project’ as a Gospel Witness Opportunity” and for a meeting of the International Lutheran Council (ILC). The afternoon afforded the opportunity to visit several church sites in Berlin such as SELK’s Mariengemeinde in Berlin, founded by Bishop-Emeritus Schoene. Dr. Martens wrote this excellent essay on the “Agreement and Disagreement on Justification by Faith Alone,” in CTQ.

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