Dr. Gene Veith interview

I’m a big fan of Dr. Gene Veith, who lives in Virginia and is a provost at Patrick Henry College. The Washington Examiner (which is the newspaper my husband works for) ran an interview of him in its weekly “Credo” section. That’s where local big shots talk about the role that religion plays in their life. Here are a couple of Veith’s answers:

Do you consider yourself to be of a specific faith?

I am a Lutheran Christian. Lutheranism is sacramental and liturgical, and it is also evangelical and biblical. At the same time, Lutheranism avoids legalism, affirms our life in the world, and above all focuses on the grace of Christ. For me, Lutheranism embraces the whole scope and depth of Christianity at its best.

At your core, what is one of your defining beliefs?

I believe in Luther’s doctrine of vocation, which teaches that God works through human beings. He gives us our daily bread through the vocation of the farmer, the miller, the baker, and the whole economic system. He creates new life through the vocation of mothers and fathers. He creates beauty through artists and informs us through journalists. And He works through all of us in our multiple callings in the family, the workplace, and the culture, as we live out our faith in love, and serve to the neighbors that He brings into our lives. Vocation sees God’s presence in ordinary life and charges the seemingly secular realm with spiritual significance.

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