Augsburg Confession XIV (Harrison Gets a Call)

I just heard that Village Lutheran Church in Ladue, Missouri, called the Rev. Matthew Harrison as assistant pastor. Why would our Synodical President receive a call to a congregation? I think it has something to do with Article XIV of the Augsburg Confession. It’s titled “Of Ecclesiastical Order”:

Our Churches, with common consent, do . . . teach that no one should publicly teach in the Church or administer the Sacraments unless he be regularly called.

UPDATE: Aha — I see that President Harrison has the following update on his Facebook page:

Village Lutheran, Ladue, has extended a call to me to serve as their asst pastor. LCMS bylaws allow the pres. to serve in such a capacity. Village is small & healthy. The call involves occasional preaching & limited visitation. No admin. responsibilities. No compensation. I am deeply humbled by the fidelity, confidence and love of these saints & Pr. Kevin Golden. I and my family request your prayers.

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