What are We Going to See in St.Louis? by Pr. Rossow

I’m leaving in a little while to head down to St. Louis for the installation of President Harrison, the other officers and board members.

There is a lot of excitement. There are people coming from all around the country and even the world for that matter. A good pastor friend of mine from Michigan got to St. Louis yesterday already with his family and is making a mini-vacation out of it with a trip to the zoo,  the arch, and other sites. St. Louis has a great zoo, one of the best in the country and I think it is still free. For old times sake my wife and I will probably look up the old apartments we used to live in while attending seminary and graduate school (St. Louis U) in the holy city. One of them was right across the freeway from the zoo and there were many nights when we were sung to sleep by the barking seals and the growling lions.

Are we going to see a lion in St. Louis? I would say our new president can roar when he needs to but for the most part, from what I can tell, he speaks pretty softly but always knows where is going and works effectively and in a team spirit to bring everyone along.

I have my camera and my laptop so hopefully I will be able to download some photos for you to see. Also, be sure to watch the live video over on the synod web-site.

So what are your thoughts? What are we going to see in St. Louis? (Both synodical and sight-seeing suggestions are welcome.)

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