More installations today

Rev. Paul McCain has some great pics and footage of today’s installation service of President Matthew Harrison’s staff. Go check them out. A snippet from his explanation:

It was a beautiful order of Matins, featuring a piece by J.S. Bach, performed by Rev. Vieker’s talented violist daughter, and a closing trumpet piece, the name escapes me, preformed by his talented trumpet playing son. A choral piece by J.S. Bach was sung, the whole service was beautiful. President Harrison preached on 1 Peter 4:7-11, an excellent exegetical homily, in which he began by reading from his own personal copy of the first edition of the Book of Concord of 1580, the rousing closing words that follow the Formula of Concord:

Since now, in the sight of God and of all Christendom [the entire Church of Christ], we wish to testify to those now living and those who shall come after us that this declaration herewith presented concerning all the controverted articles aforementioned and explained, and no other, is our faith, doctrine, and confession, in which we are also willing, by God’s grace, to appear with intrepid hearts before the judgment-seat of Jesus Christ, and give an account of it; and that we will neither privately nor publicly speak or write anything contrary to it, but, by the help of God’s grace, intend to abide thereby: therefore, after mature deliberation, we have, in God’s fear and with the invocation of His name, attached our signatures with our own hands.

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