A marketing consultant advises the early church

Christianity Today‘s Mark Galli looks at how consultants would have advised the early church to improve preaching and other issues in this dead-on satire:

Let’s begin with one of your leading PR men, Peter, who is clearly a gifted communicator. We believe he would find that our seminar “Winning Techniques for Effective Communication” would help him be more effective still! Unfortunately, he has the regular habit of berating his audience, just at the moment when he has them eating out of his hand.

They think Philip’s work in Samaria was ill-advised:

We recognize that living by faith is a core value to your movement, but you are not going to get anywhere if you don’t stay in the population centers.

I also liked this part:

We understand there is lots of talk about “repentance” in these marketing presentations, and we understand that personal moral change is required in the movement. But it’s not wise to put that up front in your initial presentations.

Lord, have mercy!

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