Quick update on Monday convention

Just wanted to pop in and give an update on the convention. As you’ve already heard, some of the major restructuring passed with, as is sadly usual in Synodical politics, a narrow margin.

I went around to ask delegates about their mood and found, as you might expect, quite a few people who voted one way or the other. More surprising to me, at least, were the number of people who voted FOR restructuring who are strong, strong Harrison supporters.

Their thinking was that the restructuring was needed for efficiency reasons but that cutting a few costs or streamlining doesn’t mean they think current leadership should continue on. I heard a lot of nice words about how thankful people are for President Kieschnick’s service but that they really think it’s time for new leadership. Some said they don’t blame President Kieschnick alone for the woes of the Synod but that they think that he’s had time to implement his vision and it’s time to consider a new approach. I also met some JesusFirst supporters who are 100% for restructuring and 100% for continuing with Kieschnick. This surprises no one. And I talked to some Harrison supporters who think that — while this restructuring would give their guy a ton of power — they think it’s bad for the Synod in general.

I have more to report and just spoke on Issues, Etc. at 4:00. I’ll do that daily this week.

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