Proposed Resolutions: Committee 6, Human Care (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

We are looking at the 106 proposed resolutions from the eight floor committees, as found in “Today’s Business.” To see the previous articles in this series, go to Henrickson’s blog at

These are the resolutions proposed by Floor Committee 6, Human Care:


6-01: To Commend LCMS Disaster Relief Work, Particularly in Haiti

Yes. Matt Harrison’s crew at WRHC has done a good job.

6-02: To Be a Light for Life

Yes. This is a sanctity-of-life resolution.

6-03: To Amend Bylaws to Allow the Extension of Calls to Institutional Chaplains and Counselors

This would make ordained or commissioned ministers serving as institutional chaplains and pastoral counselors eligible for calls. This seems to be OK.

6-04: To Combat Malaria

This might be the only semi-controversial resolution in the bunch. On the one hand, efforts to combat malaria can be a beautiful expression of mercy, for instance, as our WRHC medical mercy teams work with our partner church in Kenya. On the other hand, some may raise questions about how, and to what extent, our participating in Luther Malaria Initiative (LMI) would involve us with LWR, the ELCA, and the UN.

6-05: To Encourage Continued Emphasis on Prison and Jail Ministry

Sounds fine.

6-06: To Continue the Work Initiated by the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Task Force

Again, sounds fine.

6-07: To Support Efforts to End Human Trafficking/Slavery

All in favor of ending human trafficking, say aye. . . . All opposed, same sign. . . . Motion carries unanimously.

Next up: Floor Committee 7, Ecclesial Matters.

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