Proposed Resolutions: Committee 4, Administration and Finance (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

We’re looking at the 106 proposed resolutions from the eight floor committees, as found in “Today’s Business.” Here are the resolutions proposed by Floor Committee 4, Administration and Finance:


4-01: To Lead Districts and Synod in a Stewardship Renaissance

I don’t see any big problems with this resolution, as written. It will depend on how it is done, of course.

4-02: To Address Corporate Synod’s Financial Crisis

No, I do not want to revisit the recommendations of the BRTF for Funding the Mission. There were too many problems with them (e.g., membership fees, more votes for larger congregations).

4-03: To Broadly Communicate the Statement of Financial Position of LCMS

Fine, communicate away. Only don’t hammer people over the head. And be sure to tell us how much money the bureaucracy is wasting on dumb Ablaze! grants, for instance.

4-04: To Study Higher Education System and Bring an Action Plan to the 2013 LCMS Convention

Developing a plan to help church work students deal with educational debt could be a good thing.

4-05: To Revise Convention Election Process

I don’t have a problem with changing the bylaw to allow more than one BOD member from a given district.

4-06: To Amend and Restate the Articles of Incorporation

This resolution would make changes to the Constitution and Bylaws based on the passage of the BRTFSSG recommendations. Since I hope most all of the restructuring proposals are defeated, I am against this resolution also.

4-07: To Amend Bylaws re Convention Preparations

This would move up the schedule of deadlines before the convention, which could be OK. But it would reduce the number of print copies of the Convention Workbook, etc., which would further distance congregations from knowledge of and involvement in synodical affairs. It also would change the number of candidates for the praesidium, tied into the restructuring proposals. So I am against this resolution.

4-08: To Improve Procedure for Establishing Synod Convention Times and Locations

Should the convention times and locations be set by the president and BOD, instead of by the convention? No. This is another example of taking power away from the synod in convention and giving it to the president.

4-09: To Amend Bylaw 3.1.7 re Convention Committees

This change in language regarding the president’s appointment of floor committees doesn’t really change what happens, so I don’t have a problem with it, but I also don’t see why it’s necessary.

4-10: To Return LCEF Bylaw to Pre-2004 Wording

This is “eyes-glaze-over” stuff. Unless somebody shows me a problem with it, I have no objection to this resolution.

4-11: To Provide Definition for Term “Operating Board”

I don’t see a problem with including this definition in the Handbook.

4-12: To Clarify Definition of “Governing Board”

I don’t have a problem with this one, either. Of course, if the restructuring proposals pass, the program boards would be changed drastically.

4-13: To Change Auxiliary Terminology

Why would an auxiliary (LLL, LWML) want to change “president” to “chief elected officer”? I have no idea. It seems silly but harmless.

4-14: To Amend Bylaw 1.5.3 re Agency Meeting

More conference calls, to save money? We have the technology.

4-15: To Change Composition of Commission on Ministerial Growth and Support

This would reduce the number of members on this commission. Sounds OK.

4-16: To Respectfully Decline Overtures

Perhaps we should consider the overture submitted by the Board for Human Care Ministries, Ov. 4-23, “To Allocate Investment Earnings Back to Human Care” (Convention Workbook, p. 187). This would address the problem of the synod using the interest from gifts to WRHC, instead of letting that money stay with Human Care.

Next up: Committee 5, Seminary and University Education.

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