Confessional Lutheranism in the news

I just saw this great article in the Herald-Journal about the Higher Things conference that’s going on in Logan, Utah, right now.

It makes me wish I were there! Here’s how the article begins:

Teenagers from around the country have gathered on Utah State University’s campus this week to unite in one common belief: Jesus Christ died and rose again for them.

More than 500 kids participated in Higher Things, an annual four-day Lutheran youth conference that ends today.

The driving force of Higher Things is to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ and worship together, said Sandra Ostapowich, Higher Things conference coordinator. She said the youth “eat it up.”

“They can’t get enough,” she said.

Participants, who are mostly high school and college students, spend their time in worship services, workshops and teaching sessions.

“They spend four days immersed in their traditions and in the gospel of the church, and they go home and it permeates their entire lives,” Ostapowich said.

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