Telling reaction

One of my friends is a lay delegate to the convention. He and I don’t always agree on church-related matters. He is a supporter of President Gerald Kieschnick, having voted for him at a prior convention.

Just this week he said that he’d planned to vote for President Kieschnick but also felt comfortable with a victory for the Rev. Matthew Harrison. When the smear letter came out yesterday, he read it and wondered if it was true. After he saw the response from the board of World Relief and Human Care, he said:

“I have to be honest. I’m extremely disappointed in JesusFirst right now.”

Well, they still have a chance to make things right with the delegates and I hope they do.

They might want to do it for simple strategy. I just asked him if he still plans to vote for Kieschnick and he said that he talked it over with his wife last night and this morning they decided he should pull the lever for the Rev. Matt Harrison.

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