More Harrison Momentum: Kieschnick Voters Turning, Contemporary Worship Enthusiast Calls for Jesus First Apology, Etc., By Pr. Rossow

No one knows who will win the LCMS presidency but there is no doubt that Matt Harrison is gaining more and more momentum with each day as Houston 2010 draws closer. Rev. Harrison is an excellent candidate which is creating most of the momentum but there are also some unusual things going on in our synod that are contributing to the momentum.

For example, Jesus First, the group that runs President Kieschnick’s re-election campaign and which usually successfully paints conservatives as mean and cruel, is having the tables turned on them this go around. Their recent claim of mis-management at LCMS World Relief and Human Care is back-firing. Mollie Ziegler Hemingway has done a good job of chronicling this turn of events. It is contributing to momentum for Rev. Harrison.

The Harrison momentum began simply enough when various media, including this blog, started reporting on the short-comings in our synod. The momentum grew when Harrison received an uprecedented number of nominations, and now is growing again with reactions pouring in to the hardball tactics of Jesus First.

In another post Mollie mentioned a friend who is changing his vote due to the hard-ball tactics of Jesus First. On the comment string on that post there is another delegate, named Henry, who is considering changing his vote (see comment #4).

And then there is a unique call for Jesus First to apologize to Rev. Harrison and to the delegates for their twisting of the statistics from the LCMS World Relief and Human Care. Many and varied people have called for an apology but this one comes from a fellow who openly and avowedly supports the basic Jesus First agenda of change for the church (see comment #8).

Just read (although quickly) letters 8, 9 and 10 on the Jesus First website.  They and you share next door neighbor status on my favorites listing. (kind of ironical in the words of GW Bush)

Generally, I am a church growth, Great Commission guy that cares very little for traditional liturgy.  My family and I like the open shirts, drums and hip worship leaders.  I am also a life long Lutheran. 

It is one thing to make a case for your guy but quite another to stoop to the level of partisan politics and defame your opponent.  It is even worse to imply that a lack of stewardship may have existed. 

Jesus First owes Rev. Harrison and all delegates an apology.


You are correct Tim, it is “ironical” that you have both BJS and Jesus First on your list of internet favorites. (We appreciate making us one of your favorites.) To further quote “W,” it is odd “strategery” that Jesus First has adopted (unless of course they think they are falling behind) and is also a curious use of  the “interweb” that is harming their cause but contributing to the momentum to elect Rev. Harrison as our next synodical president.

P.S. – Tim: If Matt Harrison wins I just may unbutton the top two buttons on my cassock some Sunday just to get an idea of what that whole open shirt thing is like and to promote a little more unity in the synod. 🙂

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