2010 LCMS Convention Resolution 8-17

This is another in our series of resolutions to the 2010 Synod Convention, posted here at the request of a commentor. If you have a comment on a specific resolution, see our Resolutions page. If the one you want to discuss is not yet posted, please contact us and we will add the resolution to start discussion.

Some of the bylaw changes made by this resolution; compare this to the whereas and resolved:

  1. BOD and COP shall determine the “5 geographic regions” 24 months prior to each convention
  2. Congregations can only nominate for the (2-6th?) VP serving their area (3.12.2a)
  3. Somehow the congregation is provided an opportunity to nominate based on their delegates that were in attendance at the previous district convention. (3.12.2b) ((it is unclear whether the delegate submits the nominatinons or the congregation does))
  4. Praesidium nomination moved from 4 to 5 months prior to convention. (3.12.2c)
  5. Paragraph on politicking removed (3.12.2e)
  6. Heading on 3.12.2 changed to add “1VP”, but then the bylaw still talks about 2nd-6th VP (there are now 5 regional vp’s?)
  7. This statement added to; does this mean no floor nominations? “No opportunity shall be provided for additional nominations.”
  8. Somehow there are now 3 nominees for P and 20 for 1VP (
  9. removed; evidently NO floor nominations. Does this remove authority from the convention?
  10. The delegates from the prior year’s district convention do the actual voting for president, not the congregation (
  11. 1VP is elected as the first election of the convention from a slate of 5 of the 20 men nominated by the district delegates, selected by the newly elected president (
  12. ((Again, no provision for floor nominations))
  13. talks about congregations nominating the regional VP’s (RVP); does this conflict with 3.12.2 above? 3.12.2 outlines using district delegates to do this, while doesn’t say how it is done.
  14. employees of synod organizations are ineligible to serve as regional VP’s
  15. says the RVP nominations will be signed by president/secretary of each congregation; again, conflict with 3.12.2?
  16. Again, no allowance for floor nominations. Robert’s Rules anyone? (
  17. It appears that all 600+ delegates selects one RVP from each region; i.e. the vote is not based on regions, only the nominations are based on regions (
  18. The convention then votes to rank the 5 regional VP’s in order of succession

I am speechless after reading through the changes. Is it legal to remove floor nominations? Discussion?

Congregations Walking Together in Mission as They Elect President and First Vice-President
To Elect the Synod President

RESOLUTION 8-17 (starting at line 18)
TF Report (CW TFR, pp. 34–35); Overture 8-63 (CW, pp. 242–243)

WHEREAS, The President serves the whole Synod; and

WHEREAS, Technology has made it possible for every congregation, through its duly elected delegates to the district convention, to participate in the nomination and election process; therefore be it

Resolved, That information concerning the three candidates receiving the highest number of nominations and consenting to serve, including biographical information and further information outlining each candidate’s vision and direction for the Synod, be shared with all congregations of the Synod; and be it further

Resolved, That four weeks prior to the start of the convention, two of the delegates to the previous district convention from each congregation be provided opportunity to cast votes in a secure fashion for the office of President; and be it further

Resolved, That if no candidate receives a majority, a second ballot for the top two candidates be cast in a similar fashion; and be it further

Resolved, That the results of the balloting be announced to the Synod two weeks prior to the start of the convention; and be it finally

Resolved, That Bylaws 3.12.1– be amended accordingly, as shown (“2007 Handbook Convention Version,” TB, pp. 303–305).

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